Comedian arrested over Facebook posts

A popular  comedian in Akwa Ibom State whose stage name is Sir James has been arrested on Wednesday by the police allegedly on the order of an Akwa Ibom government official.

He is accused of posting “hurtful ”  comments on Facebook against the commissioner for tourism in the state, Orman Esin.

Sir James, before his arrest, took to Facebook to launch a vigorous campaign against an alleged poor treatment of local entertainers by state officials.

He categorically accused the commissioner, Mr Esin, and his ministry of refusing to pay or underpaying several artistes who performed in a state-organised event during the Christmas holiday.

“I heard the Commissioner’s house is receiving unexpected guests this morning & currently paying some artistes,” Sir James wrote a few days ago on the social media site.

“Some people who called me for direction to his house now send me ‘Thank You’ & ‘God Bless’.

“Hurry up, go & get your money coz he may be going overseas for vacation with his family this weekend,” he added.

In another Facebook post, the comedian said he was not afraid of litigation or arrest.

By Rosy Onuh

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