Miss Utah Rachel Slawson will be Miss USA’s first openly bisexual contestant

Rachel Slawson who was recently crowned Miss Utah USA after competing in the pageant five times will be the first openly bisexual contestant to compete for the Miss USA title in the competition’s nearly 70-year history.
Rachel Slawson, 25, told a source that she was “shocked” when she won the Miss Utah USA competition Saturday because she “had been told no for so long.”
Days before the competition, Slawson made it clear on social media that “being Queer is not a ‘platform.'”
“The reason I waited so long to come out as a member of the LGBT+ community was that I didn’t think who I choose to love should define who I am,” she shared on Instagram. “Life is short. And I have more questions [than] answers, but one thing I’m sure of is that we came here to love.”
She added, “And if the people I’ve loved means I am ‘queer’ or ‘bi’ or whatever they call it, then I am proud of that. … I may be LGBTQ, but that’s just one detail on the list of things that make me Rachel.”
After winning the title of Miss Utah USA, Slawson called it “the biggest dream of my life,” but stressed to her followers that getting a crown isn’t everything. Slawson shared that years ago when she lost the title — this was her fifth time competing — she wanted to take her own life.
“After a few trips to the psych ward, being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (the reason I had such an extreme reaction to losing a pageant) and finally coming to terms with who I am as a queer woman,” she wrote on Instagram. “And the only difference between tonight, and the night I left broken hearted wishing I wasn’t alive, is that I knew I was enough before I arrived.”
Slawson continued, “I am so grateful for this crown. And I promise to do right by Utah and spend this year sharing my truth.”
By- Rosy Onuh

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