Nigerian Government Cancels Evacuation Flight From Dubai After Citizens Paid For Seats

The Nigerian Government has cancelled an evacuation flight from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, after citizens, who indicated interest in returning to Nigeria had paid for air tickets.

According to Sahara Reporters, the decision to cancel the flight was taken without recourse to those that had bought tickets or any explanation for the move by the government.

Trouble however, started when Emirates Airline reached out to evacuees on Thursday to inform them of the cancellation of the scheduled flight to Nigeria without explanation.

“We received a message from Emirates Airline yesterday saying our flight had been cancelled, said one of the evaluees.

“When we reached out to the airline to find out why, we were told that the Nigerian Embassy requested the cancellation of the flight.

“We want to go back home, we are stranded, we don’t have money to pay rent again.

“We used our last cash to buy tickets and now we have nowhere to go,” he added.

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