David Oyelowo Turns Down ’80 Percent’ of Roles Because They Perpetuate Black Stereotypes

Nigerian Hollywood actor and Golden Globe nominee, David Oyelowo has been turning away certain acting roles he’s been offered, in order to avoid perpetuating stereotypes about black people.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Oyelowo revealed how he turned down about 80% of the parts he’s been offered.

He said, “I live my life from the perspective of ‘I must be part of the solution and not the problem, I think one of the privileges I don’t have is to just do any role I want, because I know that certain roles perpetuate stereotypes and perpetuate mindsets people have about Black people that is not helpful to all of what we’re talking about… I turn down about 80 percent of what comes my way for that reason, because I understand the power storytelling and images has on culture.”

Oyelowo feels a huge responsibility when it comes to the roles he chooses to play.

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