North Korea Locks Down Border City of Kaesong Over Suspected Coronavirus Case

North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un has placed the city of Kaesong near the border with South Korea under total lockdown after a person was found there with suspected COVID-19 symptoms.

Kim said he took “the preemptive measure of totally blocking Kaesong City and isolating each district and region from the other” on Friday afternoon, the state-run news agency said.

The suspected COVID-19 patient is believed to be a runaway who fled to South Korea three years ago before illegally returning early last week.

North Korea said respiratory secretion and blood tests showed the person “is suspected to have been infected” with the coronavirus and has since been quarantined, according to Foxnews.

People who had contact with the patient and those who have been in Kaesong in the last five days were also quarantined.

According to TIME, if the person is officially declared a coronavirus patient, he or she would be North Korea’s first confirmed case. The North has steadfastly said it has had no cases of the virus, a claim questioned by outside experts.

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